Preparation is critical to getting the very best pictures and videos, please read “How to Prepare” below!

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How To Prepare – Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
The Best Time to See Your Baby… Depends on What You Want to See!

Week 6 – Sneak Peek DNA

Week 12: Heartbeat (“Peace of Mind” Package)
Come in to hear your babies heartbeat as early as 12 weeks.

Week 14-20: Gender Determination (“Bows or Bowties” Package)
Find out if it is a boy or a girl. To ensure 100% accuracy we recommend you be at least 14 weeks.

Week 21-24 : Early 3D/4D Viewing (“Picture Perfect” Package)
Want an early peek? This is a great time for that. See the baby early on, then do a second peek when you are further along, and see the different stages of development. Keep in mind at this stage the baby looks small and is just starting to develop fat.

Week 25-31 : Best 3D/4D/HD Viewing (“Picture Perfect”, “Precious Memories” or “Completely Sweet” Packages)
Make your appointment during this time and you may see amazing activities such as her yawning after a nap or him sucking on his thumb. Often times you can even catch your baby looking right back at you! We love the 25-32 week time frame. See our 3D/4D/HD packages for more details.

Week 32-40: Good 3D/4D/HD Viewing
Want another peek? There is still fairly good movement during the 32-40 week period. If you have already had a 3D/4D/HD Sonogram at 20-29 weeks or if this is your first time, this is your second best opportunity to make an appointment. The sooner the better… so please don’t delay! See any of our 3D/4D/HD packages for this stage.

Please Note:
At 35+ weeks, viewing becomes difficult due to the limited movement of the baby at this time. We have successfully completed 3D/4D/HD ultrasounds all the way through 38 weeks, but these results are not typical. We will happily schedule an appointment during this time, however, please be aware it is unlikely your session will be as successful as earlier weeks in your pregnancy.